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Be the best YOU

What does it look like to live up to your full potential in life?

I was pondering this question last night. So many of us live below where God designed is to be. Why?

I believe that we really don’t know our identity in Christ and we get paralyzed at the thought of taking a wrong path.

When I say “your full potential” I’m not talking about your “best life now”, like cars and houses. I’m talking about the best version of YOU, the one that God had in mind when he formed you. Not others expectations of you or even your own expectations but who and what God intended you to be.

I believe that God had a “Latoya” destination in mind when he created me. He gave me the talents, gifts, personality bents and it all in order to equip and mold me so that I would end up at “that place”. So many get stuck on the path to get there.

I’m coming to realize that it’s not about the path. It’s about the journey and God makes sure that no matter which path I choose, he recalibrates my path (like a Holy GPS) so that I end up at my intended destination.

So whether I’m in ministry, corporate world, an entrepreneur, or network marketer; he’s forming me into the person He needs me to be to do what he’s called me to do. How awesome is that?!?!

So ask yourself, “what would life look like if I was the best version of the ME that God had in mind when he made me”?

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